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For most of my gaming life I have been primarily a console player, but in the recent years I have slowly started playing PC more because of the lower game prices, better graphics and the focus on digital-only services such as Steam. However, after I started playing PC more, I noticed that I never really felt as comfortable or had as much fun with a mouse and keyboard; so therein lies the problem, where do I go from there?

Well, these days most game developers understand that it's not just the hardcore mouse and keyboard crowd that play on PC, and therefor offer native support for gamepads; to me this is great, it means that I can still feel like I am playing a console, but continue to enjoy the benefits of playing on PC. To take this a step further, I often take advantage of Steam's "Big Picture Mode" to play games on my 32" LCDTV. So obviously, when a game has native support and Is owned on Steam, everything works great.

But what happens when a developer doesn't include native gamepad support or if the support is broken/buggy? Well You then have to go hunting around for ways to get games working with a gamepad; and that is why I am focusing on a new page titled "PC Games on TV". On this page I will form a database that compiles all my PC games and whether they natively support gamepads, or if not, list the mods, hacks or tweaks that I have found for them.


I will update this page over time, so please keep checking back for updates.

Posted on 2013 Jun 21 by Aron
A fresh start?

As you can see by the date of my last post, it has been over 2 months since I have done any work on the site. After giving it some thought, I have decided to give the website a bit of a spring cleaning and finish off some of the pages I meant to do when I changed the template.

For now I don't have much more info, but know that the look of website will change a bit and some content will be updated in the coming days. Chack back soon!

UPDATE 1: Template changed a little bit to remove banner, removed one specific page I didn't want to continue developing and removed the sidebar content I had. More updates coming.

UPDATE 2: Added Legal and MyPC pages. Updated About Me and F1GP pages.

UPDATE 3: Video Game Tracker is online, however not up to date as it's still using the old database. WIll probably update it soon.

Posted on 2013 May 28 by Aron
Website Redesign!

If you have visited my website in the past, you will know how it use to look (pretty basic); now however, I have decided to make a change.

My previous efforts at a template were through 100% my own coding, which can be tricky when you are starting out with HTML, PHP, CSS, ect... Today though, I decided to drop what I had and have a go at working from a pre-existing template, then heavily editing that to make it look how I want. What you can see here is the result.

At this point, the website is still WIP and will remain that way till I get everything sorted out (coding wise). For now, feel free to take a look and check back later for updates!

UPDATE March 13th: F1GP Pics page is online!

UPDATE March 15th: Game Mods Page added, About page added, Contact page added, Sidebar MySQL reliance replaced by PHP array script.

Posted on 2013 Mar 12 by Aron
News System Implemented

Yet again it has been quite a while since my last update; but I have finally decided to add in something that this website desperately needed - a proper news content system. In the past I have been adding news via the un-necessarily complicated style of raw text; but now I have included an easy to use system created by the people over at cutephp.com; and as you can tell, it looks much better.

Using a News System also means that the date for each article is reset unfortunately, but this is a minor issue. I also plan to make a couple more changes to the site in the coming days; so check back later for updates.

Posted on 2013 Jan 28 by Aron
Almost 2 Months of Darkness

As you can see, it has been around 7 weeks since my last update. The main reason for this is that I have been quite busy with my course work and playing games on my new 660Ti GPU (great card btw). For today, that will change.

The first thing I would like to point out is that I am aware of the image pop-ups that I added in the last update aren't working on IE; I hope to get around to fixing that at some point (when I have the time). Also, I am still hoping to get Youtube trailers up for all games; I haven't given up on that yet and hope to get around to it soon.

Finally, I have added a new "F1GP Pics" page to the nav bar. Here you will find pictures of my trip to Singapore from when I went to see the Formula1 race over there in late Spetember; I hope you like them! I would also like to add that as my final exams get closer, I will no doubt go dark again; rest assured I will be back!

Posted on 2013 Jan 28 by Aron
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